Am 26.10.2023 feierten wir den Launch unseres neuen W3D und präsentierten den Preview zum Tisch im Hadi Teherani Headquarter, Hamburg. Hier boten wir die Möglichkeit den ikonisch, 3-dimensional bewegliche Aktivhocker zu entdecken und gaben Einblicke in die vielseitigen Möglichkeiten des 3D-Druckverfahrens. Der W3D in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team des #wagnerdesignlab entstanden und der Korpus wird aus 100% nachwachsenden Rohstoffen produziert und ist zudem biologisch abbaubar nach Norm. Die Bewegung spielt eine zentrale Rolle. Durch den abgerundeten Fuß bleibt der Sitzende immer in Bewegung. Der Abend wurde mit einem entspannten After-Work-Talk abgerundet. Vielen Dank an Peter Wagner und das gesamte Team für die tolle Zusammenarbeit während des gesamten Projekts.

Fotos by Alessio Altavilla


Dr Christian Bergmann appointed to the BDA Hamburg


Dr Christian Bergmann (Partner and Head of Architecture) has been appointed to the BDA Hamburg, the regional chapter of the Association of German Architects (BDA), effective 1 November 2023. Since 1903 the BDA has brought together independent architects and urban planners who distinguish themselves through the exceptional quality of their structures and plans, yet equally due to their personal integrity and collegiality. The BDA only awards membership to those whose character and work fulfil these demanding criteria. Appointment to the BDA is both an honour and an affirmation of quality.


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The best of both worlds: How new hotel architecture brings people into nature.


The ICONIC AWARDS 2023: Innovative Architecture - awarded by the German Design Council - honour the best achievements in architecture, pioneering interior and product design, outstanding brand communication and a particularly innovative use of materials in the architecture sector. They impressed with design excellence and inspiring solutions for current challenges. The international jury of experts emphasises the importance of visionary design that is not only aesthetically inspiring but also ecologically and socially influential.


On trend can be seen outside the city in hotel architecture in rural areas. In order to counteract the growing stresses of city dwellers - traffic, noise, density and everyday stress - hotels and wellness oases are being built in nature in many places. The award-winning projects in this category are united by the endeavour to fulfil the guests' desire to experience nature and to create a real change of perspective. The buildings are convincing in their choice of materials and design vocabulary and set the scene for places that are characterised by the experience of nature, including tranquillity and the reduction of stimuli. One example is the new spa "ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof" in Leogang, Austria, designed by Hadi Teherani Architects. The architect's office's goal was to create a purist and reduced building that blends harmoniously into the landscape. Its roof picks up on the shapes of the hills and mountains that characterise the Krallerhof's surroundings. The new spa world adjoins the hotel and presents itself with a spiralling atrium and an Alpine Zen garden. A large glass facade that offers a view of the natural lake is a special highlight. It can be completely sunk into the ground so that the interior of the house merges with nature to form a single unit.


From 620 submissions from over 30 countries, the jury selected 62 pioneering projects for the “Best of Best” award. In addition, the special prizes “Architects of the Year”, “Interior Designer of the Year” as well as the honorary award “Architects’ Client of the Year” were presented. The award winners will be honoured at the BMW World in Munich on 4 October, 2023.

Photographer: Lukas Schramm

Augsburger “Innovationsbogen” nears completion


The Innovation Arch in Augsburg, Germany awaits completion in the very near future. In several segments, work on the interiors specific to future tenants is already under way. At a Pre-Opening guests were able to convince themselves of the possibilities at this leading-edge office complex. More than 300 visitors attended the celebration and took immediate advantage of the on-site opportunity to obtain information about the new project from the building and development corporation WALTER Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG.


Starting now, the possibility equally exists to visualise the flexible office concepts at the “Innovationsbogen” under absolutely realistic conditions. In the meantime a model office measuring over 400 square metres has been completed in co-operation with the firm Wagner Living. Various usage concepts – from the classic individual office to team offices and on to open space solutions – make it clear just how much flexibility has been incorporated into the workplace concepts within the Innovation Arch. Thanks to the well-thought-out building structure, “New Work” and “agile working” can be implemented optimally. And an innovative work lounge with a variety of components for creative work or brief meetings has been integrated, too.


A visit to the spacious terrace with an impressive panoramic view is possible as well. “With the Innovation Arch we are setting a symbol for modern Augsburg that is visible from afar. We have created a landmark displaying the highest standards in terms of quality, flexibility, energy efficiency and sustainability. The Innovation Arch has truly earned its name,” explained Dr Roy Walter, executive board member at WALTER Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG, at the festive Pre-Opening.


Work on the “Innovationsbogen” continues to proceed right on schedule. Jürgen Kolper, executive board member at WALTER Beteiligungen und Immobilien AG, happily announces that “despite the problems with global supply chains and the current crisis in the construction industry, we take pride in seeing that our Innovation Arch will be completed on time.” Trendsetting and a world premiere all in one is the façade made of 100 % recycled aluminium. Due to this completely new type of technology alone, far more than 500 tonnes of CO2 are going to be saved.


LEED Certification in Platinum is aspired to


Further measures to benefit sustainability include the photovoltaic systems on the arch-shaped and green landscaped roof of the building, climate control for the rooms via comfortable canopy ceilings for heating and cooling, as well as the use of groundwater to ensure the heating and cooling supply. The endeavours aim to be awarded with LEED Certification bearing the highest rating in Platinum. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and is an internationally recognised certification system for ecological building.


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ICONIC AWARDS Innovative Architecture 2023 ATMOSPHERE by Krallerhof wins best of best in the category Wellness & Yoga


Jury statement of the German Design Council: Becoming one with yourself and the elements of earth, water, fire and air – that’s what it is all about in this spectacular spa and wellness venue in Leogang in the state of Salzburg. Atmosphere by Krallerhof was designed by architecture firm Hadi Teherani for the historic Hotel Krallerhof. Like a natural hill, the new building rests beautifully in the middle of the lush Alpine landscape. A strong relationship between the inside and outside is generated using giant panoramic windows. Organic curves and the appropriate use of materials internally underline functionality and harmonise with nature, as does the pleasing landscape architecture of the swimming pond with a built-in heated pool.


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