Topping-out wreath crowns “Südkreuz Offices Berlin”


The festive topping-out ceremony for the office ensemble along Berlin’s southern axis entitled SÜDKREUZ OFFICES took place this morning with Jörn Oltmann attending, the deputy mayor for the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district and city councilman for urban development and construction. Situated across from the new Berlin  Südkreuz long-distance railway station and in the vicinity of the EUREF Campus, the two-building project is being realised in alignment with plans by the internationally renowned architectural firm Hadi Teherani Architects and the bureau pbp – prasch buken partner. The two adjacent office structures SÜDKREUZ OFFICE 1 and 2 are being erected on a property with a total area of 6,305 m². They provide a total of roughly 19,700 m² of office space for rent. Economy and ecology are being united in an exemplary fashion with these units SKB 1 and SKB 2. This is reflected in their LEED certification in Gold, which is being awarded to both buildings. Project developer LIP regards sustainability as  a seal of quality; and thus as a compelling argument for marketing projects, because the demand profile on the real-estate market is currently changing greatly. Energy efficiency, climate balance sheets, CO2 emissions and building certifications are becoming more and more important to buyers, tenants and users alike. For instance, of the 161 parking spaces for cars at SÜDKREUZ OFFICE BERLIN, 30% more than required by LEED are equipped with EV charging stations. Starting at a minimum area of 214 m² (SKB 2) and 240 m² (SKB 1) respectively, office spaces can be interconnected and individually scaled up as desired. 40% of the areas are already pre-leased at the present time. Rental leases have been signed with the EDEKA supermarket chain for 2,608 m² in SKB 1, and with DLR, the German Aerospace Centre, for 7,100 m² in SKB 2.

Cornerstone-laying for DEUTSCHLANDHAUS in Hamburg


Hamburg, 22 October 2020 – The cornerstone for the DEUTSCHLANDHAUS complex was laid today in Hamburg, Germany. Dr Peter Tschentscher, the incumbent mayor of Hamburg, and Ulrich Höller, managing partner of the ABG Real Estate Group, are thereby giving green light for construction of the new yet iconic building complex. One of Hamburg’s most significant project developments in recent years is going to be realised on Gänsemarkt plaza in the midst of its inner city with new construction of the DEUTSCHLANDHAUS, an edifice steeped in history. The outstanding draft by Hadi Teherani Architects is setting new standards in the process while simultaneously orienting itself on the very accomplished original draft design for the preceding building, which had been severely modified due to numerous interventions in the course of its history. In the future the new complex will offer roughly 40,000 m² of space for offices, including supplementary uses such as gastronomy, retail and even residential zones. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2022. The total investment volume lies at around EUR 450 million. The cornerstone-laying ceremony was also accompanied by Franz-Josef Höing, chief planning director in Hamburg, and architect Hadi Teherani.


Thatched-roof house


The planned residential building lies on a spacious property with direct access to the beach on the western side of Sylt, an island Thatched-roof house. Though the house takes on classic materials and shapes befitting the surrounding structures, the customary thatched roof is interpreted in a completely new way. The entire structural envelope – roof and walls – is thatched. What consequently emerges is an overall impression with a nearly sculptural bearing. The relatively ‘soft’ organic design language shaped by the thatch is intriguingly broken up by four glassed-in cubic outward additions. The out-of-the-ordinary draft for the thatched-roof house unites traditional materials with an innovative formative style. It demonstrably visualises that the use of thatch in contemporary architecture opens up new paths for design whose options and possibilities are far from being exhausted. Photographer: Jörn Lantz

Frankfurt am Main – Construction Sites


Last week we went to the construction sites of our fast-growing project in Frankfurt am Main – the Spin Tower, a hotel and office Highrise – to get an idea of the construction progress on site, facade cladding has already started.

The Spin, the distinctive highrise in Frankfurt am Main that rises a lofty 128 m, unites hotel zoning and office space in one while radiating a vibrant aura – a smoothly accomplished contrast to its multifaceted surroundings. The areas for offices begin above the 21st floor, 80 metres high. Readily and easily visible from afar due to the architectural “spin”, the optical partitioning of the storeys via a slight twist of the floor plans. “Offices with a spin.” A total of roughly 10,000 m² of state-of-the art office areas extends across 10 storeys from the 22nd to the 31st floor, crowned by a spacious rooftop terrace with walk-around access on the 32nd floor. Although, this impressive panorama is one that’s not only enjoyed from the roof: all of the floors with offices offer a spectacular 360° view.


Volksbank Site in Freiburg im Breisgau


About last Week: We received new pictures from the construction site of our bank, office and business complex along with school annex and hotel Volksbank Site in Freiburg im Breisgau. Parts of the facade and the multifunctional auditorium were freed of scaffolding.


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