Festive cornerstone laying for the future “Beiersdorf Campus”


A large-scale construction pit and four cranes jutting steeply into the sky are the most visible signs of change. The “Beiersdorf Campus” – an extensive investment in the future at a historic site – is being built on the plant premises of the Beiersdorf AG corporation on Troplowitzstrasse in Hamburg, Germany. The company celebrated the cornerstone laying this morning with a festive ceremony attended by Dr Peter Tschentscher, the incumbent mayor of Hamburg. “Beiersdorf AG is building its headquarters of the future in Hamburg’s Eimsbüttel district and consequently remaining faithful to the location the corporate group has called home for more than 135 years,” stated Mayor Tschentscher. “By doing so, this company listed on the DAX blue-chip stock market index is setting a key example that, alongside administration, production and development are equally able to function well in an urban environment. As an attractive and multifaceted metropolis, Hamburg offers its enterprises a distinct locational advantage in winning over qualified professionals who are of major importance for the city’s competitive ability.”

MIPIM in Cannes


And again it is MIPIM in Cannes: Hadi Teherani, Sebastian Appl and Dr. Christian Bergmann are arround. Meet them on Tuesday 12th of March, 3.00 pm - 3.30 pm for the GERMAN HOUR: Modern Working Environment – Open Space and Co-Working, podium discussion with Dr. C. Bergmann.


Hadi Teherani Architects wins 2nd Prize for the Waterfront hotel tower in Frankfurt am Main


Situated at a prominent location in Frankfurt’s riverport Hafenpark quarter and within sight of the ECB highrise, the draft sets a new example for the growing importance of this banking metropolis. Not only a significant structure exhibiting a broad, cantilevered extension arises by the waterside at the cusp of the jetty between the Osthafen and Honsel Bridges: a one-of-its-kind riverbank area with a beach club is created in interaction with the hotel lobby and “main hall”. The hotel with 300 rooms for guests and constructionally recessed boardinghouse with 120 rooms for guests on the 12th floor above the Skyline Bar and spa experience Frankfurt from a magnificent perspective.

For the first time, HEWI presents a door handle designed by Hadi Teherani at the BAU 2019 in Munich. Let yourself be surprised! Hall B4/328


"In order to develop something really new, you have to understand the DNA of the brand. Such a strong fire can also be detrimental because you may not be able to avoid the classic System 111. We believe we have made this leap with the Series 270: We have developed a design that is fit for the future. It embodies the HEWI brand without copying the past." - Hadi Tehrani


Serie 270 is architecture in miniature. The geometric style reflects the architecture Hadi Teherani has designed. The clear lines create a ergonomic form. Fine details, like the joints between the start of the lever handle and the handle are perfectly balanced to the greatly reduced mini rose. Matt-sanded stainless steel underscores the classic design and architectural standard.



BDA Hamburg Architecture Award 2018. We’re proud!


Every two years the Association of German Architects (“BDA”) in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg confers the BDA Hamburg Architecture Award to architects and the builders commissioning them for exemplary structures built in Hamburg, a German city-state. The award is intended to contribute towards setting standards for quality in contemporary architecture.


Hadi Teherani Architects and its commissioning builder are being awarded 2nd Prize for the new construction of the office building entitled FleetOffice.


With this markedly distinctive and architecturally discerning project Hadi Teherani has successfully accomplished an up-to-date, new interpretation of Hamburg’s classic brick “counting house-cum-warehouse” in the course of urban redevelopment that corresponds to the changed economic needs.


Photographer: Swen Carlin

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