Frankfurt am Main – Construction Sites


Last week we went to the construction sites of our fast-growing project in Frankfurt am Main – the Spin Tower, a hotel and office Highrise – to get an idea of the construction progress on site, facade gladding has already started.

Volkesbank Site in Freiburg im Breisgau


About last Week: We received new pictures from the construction site of our bank, office and business complex along with school annex and hotel Volkesbank Site in Freiburg im Breisgau. Parts of the facade and the multifunctional auditorium were freed of scaffolding.


Hafenpark Quartier


After celebrating the ground-breaking for Scandic Hotel in “Hafenpark Quartier” in Frankfurt am Main earlier this year, in January the Building construction of the new quarter in the immediate vicinity of the European Central Bank is growing and growing. Photographer: H.J. Darlison


HADI Workingspace redesigned by Hadi Teherani


HADI, the new family of luminaires, made to set a new benchmark in office lighting, performing at the highest technical level, and breaking conventions in terms of design. A unique interaction of design and technology, developed in co-operation with Prolicht, an Austrian manufacturer of premium lighting concepts. Hadi Teherani wanted to connect his new creation to one of his passions – the James Bond universe. Iconic products of his, such as the Silver Chair, have already been protagonists in the famous movies.
 This connection is also reflected in the names chosen for the two different shapes of the HADI: the M, inspired by the code name of James Bond’s superior officer, and the Q, named after the genius responsible for all of James Bond’s incredible gadgets.

German Design Award 2020


At the presentations for the German Design Award 2020, Hadi Teherani Design received not one but two prizes. The award-winners were the new door handle Series 270 for HEWI and GRID, a capsule collection for Harbour Brillen, an eyeglass manufacturer. We are very proud!

During the creative atmosphere that prevailed last weekend, Series 270 and GRID were exhibited in the category “Excellent Product Design” on the grounds of the Messe Frankfurt trade event centre. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique trends in design: a competition that fosters and advances design-oriented commerce.

credit: Rat für Formgebung / photo: Team Lutz Sternstein

caption: Anja Sorger (Hadi Teherani Design), Christiane Küper und Thorsten Stute (HEWI)

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